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Japan earthquake

What next for Japan?

By John Stepek, 14 Mar 2011

It goes without saying that the earthquake in Japan is an appalling human tragedy. But what will the economic impact be? John Stepek looks at the impact the disaster could have on both Japan and the wider global economy.

  • Profit from cloud computing

    By James McKeigue, 11 Feb 2011

    So far, 'cloud computing' has not lived up to the hype – big business has stayed away because of security fears. But that's set to change. James McKeigue examines the sector and picks the three best stocks to buy now.

  • Are gold and silver warning us of a new stage in the financial crisis?

    By Dominic Frisby, 11 Mar 2011

    Silver is more expensive compared to gold than at any point since 1984. So is silver finally 'shooting for the moon'? Or is this move warning of a new phase in the financial crisis? Dominic Frisby investigates.

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Editor's choice

Has the US economy really recovered?

The US economy seems to have made a remarkable recovery...

Should you buy a John Lewis bond?

Department store giant John Lewis, often viewed as a...

Three stocks to ride out oil shocks

Professional investor Jane Coffey believes equity markets...


Cris Sholto Heaton

The West could struggle while Asian markets boom

By Cris Sholto Heaton: Investors have been fleeing emerging markets wholesale for the 'safe havens' of the West. But this may be a mistake. With developed and emerging markets at different points in the business cycle, a mix of Western blue-chips and Asian small-caps could give you the ideal portfolio, says Cris Sholto Heaton.

The financial markets

House price indicators

Rics: UK house prices stabilising?

  Man looking in an estate agent's window�0;D;�0;A;

The latest Rics survey is less gloomy, but expectations for house prices continue to fall.
Get the full picture here.

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Video tutorial

What is insider trading? 

  Video tutorial - what is insider trading?

Tim Bennett explains insider trading: what it is, how people get caught and what the consequences are. Watch now

Spread betting

Spotting a turning point in the currency markets 

John C Burford

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In the dollar v the yen, the yen has benefited from the 'carry trade', while the dollar has been weakened by US money-printing policies. But at some point, things will change. And as a spread better, you need to identify the turning point. John C Burford explains how.

Special presentation

The four big threats to your wealth in 2011

MoneyWeek magazine special presentation

If you have any money tied up in property, stocks, Europe or government bonds, you need to watch this special presentation from MoneyWeek magazine.

Economic indicators: inflation

Inflation hits 4% - what now?

Sterilng notes adn coins © Shutterstock

Inflation is now double the Bank of England's target rate. And according to our inflation indicators, it could head still higher.

Penny shares

'If I could only buy one share in 2011 – this would be it'

Tom Bulford

It takes a very special firm to get small-cap expert Tom Bulford this excited. See this special presentation to learn more. Red Hot Penny Shares is a regulated product issued by MoneyWeek Ltd. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares, never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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